Unschooled: What They Never Told You

Join us for the third year of the popular new Unschooled: What They Never Told You discussion series. We provide the research and context of a topic along with a tasty lunch, all you need to bring is an appetite for food and discussion! We now offer the same session in two different time slots for your convenience and participation! Past topics include; Redlining and Racism, The Mommy Track: Why We don't Say Working Dad, and More than Taco Tuesday: How Food Shapes Culture. To listen to condensed versions of past Unschooled topics, visit our Resources page. 

FREE LUNCH is provided first to those who RSVP, so make sure to let us know that you are joining! 

Join us for the following Unschooled Events!

September- What's in a Name: The Language of Diversity

9/23/2019 @ noon, 9/26/2019 @ 3:30pm


October- The Diversity Quota: Affirmative Action & Resume Bias

10/16/2019 @ noon, 10/17/2019 @ 3:30pm


November- More Than the Best Parking Space: The Fight For Rights They Didn't Teach You

11/13/2019 @ noon, 11/14/19 @ 3:30pm


February- Fenty Shades of Beige: Colorism & Beauty Norms

2/5/2020 @ noon, 2/6/2020 @ 3:30pm


March- How One Pill changed It All: Gendered Health & Drugs

3/24/2020 @ noon, 3/25/2020 @ 3:30pm


April- I Super-Like You: Misunderstood and Demonized Sexualities

4/8/2020 @ noon, 4/9/2020 @ 3:30pm