Finding Products

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Where can I find period products?


University Center: All-Gender Restroom, First Floor Women's Restrooms

Dugan Gym & Island Hall: All-Gender Restrooms, First Floor Women's Restrooms

Mary & Jeff Bell Library: First Floor Women's Restroom 

Michael & Karen O'Connor Building: All-Gender Restroom on First Floor

Performing Arts Center: First Floor All-Gender Restroom

Sandpiper: First Floor All-Gender Restroom

Tidal Hall: First Floor All-Gender Restroom, both Third Floor All-Gender Restrooms

Science Lab 1 & 2: First Floor All-Gender Restroom 

Islander Welcome Center: First Floor All-Gender Restroom

Harte Research Institute: First Floor Women's Restroom

Early Childhood Development Center: First Floor Women's Restroom

Driftwood: First Floor All-Gender Restroom