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The I-TEAM (Islanders Teaching, Engaging and Motivating) Peer Education Program is committed to educating the Islander community in all dimensions of wellness and inclusion. By promoting healthy and inclusive behavior, we inspire students to make positive choices to attain academic and social success. 


I-TEAM Co-Chairs  

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Alyssa Canales
Caroline Luera

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Apply Now! 

 Students at a distance who wish to participate in I-TEAM may apply online via Orgsync.  The program is a selective one.  Interviews can be conducted via webex and, if selected, students at a distance can participate in meetings via webex.  Students at a distance who cannot volunteer for events requiring an on-campus presence may elect to participate in those projects that can be performed from a distance such as coordination of social media, presentation development or social norm campaign material development. We accept members on an ongoing basis - do you have what it takes?